Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chasing Tarpon in Key West.

Just a quick transmission from Key West.
Been here for a week so far. Have been able to get out on a boat 3 times so far. May be able to fish once more before leaving town. The tarpon are here in very large numbers. Hooked up with 4 fish today. Broke two off and had the other two spit the hook. Wanted to get one to the side of the boat and get some close up shots with my new H2Oproof camera. No luck though. Probably better for the fish to keep the contact with humans and fishing rods as short as possible.
Poked around on a few different flats so far. Saw some good sized schools of permit a couple of days ago. Had the flyrod involved and my spirits were high. Also I was trying to remain realistic about my chances of having everything come together for a shot at a fish. Had some quick fleeting chances at shots. Had a chance at everything coming together on one group of fish. Swimming right towards us. Not too much wind. And they did not seem to be spooked. We not any spookier than they normally seem to be when on a flat. Just as John turned the boat so that I could get a cast off, the fish blew up and took off. Really seemed like things were headed in the right direction. Sounds like my experience is pretty typical of flyfishing for permit. I still enjoyed the day.
On the flats today we did not see any bones or permit. I kind of suspect the recent full moon has something to do with it. I am wondering if bones,permit and tarpon feed all night during the full moon and then sleep it off during the daylight hours.The Tarpon we saw today did not seem to be too serious about feeding. The Tarpon are also keyed in on the Paololo worm hatch right now. I am hoping the worms keep doing their thing and we are able to play tug of war with a Tarpon as a result.
The flats fishing is almost over for me this year. I have been in or very near the saltwater for almost 2 months. Very pleased with the way things have worked out. I always hope for more fish but I am grateful for the fish I have caught. I hope that I am able to spend some more time down here next year. Actually many years to come is the ultimate goal.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lutra Bones.

So many things to write about the past 5 weeks. Where to start? I went to Eleuthera with the idea of staying for 2 weeks. Ended up staying for 5!! Not a bad run at all. Many reasons to pick this Bahamaian island. For me the main reason was the access to bonefish flats without the need or a guide or boat. Both of these would have most likely meant more fish for me to cast to. However, I did find fish to cast to on my own. Not as many as I would have liked to have seen. I hired a guide for one day. Kind of a unique situation. Due to the close proximity of the flats to the beach my guide drove me around the island from flat to flat looking for fish. I think we fished about 6 different spots. 3 of them I fished the day before and caught fish. I was not all that pleased with the guided day. I was hoping to learn a little more than I did. My guide seemed to like driving through the settlements honking and stopping to talk with everyone we saw more tan fishing. I guess it was part of the Bahamian "chevy flats boat" experience.Actually had pretty poor conditions. Not much sun and quite a bit of wind. Tides were not in our favor either.
So to the fish. This was my first time to flyfish for bones. I battled wind like never before. I walked and walked. I stared at the h2o for hours. I drove from spot to spot. I drank and ate on absolutely gorgeous beaches. I saw sharks,cuda,turtles, numerous birds,mangroves,and not too many fishermen. On top of all of that I saw bonefish. I am not going to paint too rosy of a picture here. Yes I did have great days of fishing. I also had days of no fish and wind that just kicked my ass. I still fished everyday regardless of the wind. I would look at the 20 knot days as a chance to practice my casting. In my opinion a 20 knot wind is almost too much trouble. Better to find a beer and a book or go snorkeling. Not to say that I would not walk out the door right now and fish a flat in a 20 knot wind if I could. I guess that brings me to the best thing about "Lutra". You can walk out the door,get in the car and be on a flat within minutes. I do not know of many places in the world where this is possible. If any of the 3 people reading this do, please let me know. I will keep looking too.
So now I am back in Colorado for another day. Then off to the Keys in the a.m. A couple of weeks in Key West will be good. Just talked to my friend who really lives the dream down there. He is a flats guide. A life that I am jealous of. The Tarpon fishing has been good the last couple of weeks. I am hoping that things stay good and I am able to hook up with a silverking on a flyrod. Also hoping that the BP trainwreck gets sorted out soon.
Time to pack my one bag and check my gear.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A full day of chasing ghosts.

Wake up start the coffee.
Make something to eat.
Pack the cooler.
Out the door by 7 or 7:30(hopefully)

The rest of the day consists of looking into the H2O trying to spot bonefish before they spot me. Have been getting some spots dialed in recently. Still learning with each fish.I am very pleased with what my life is based around right now. Fishing is the centerpiece of everything.
I am a little tired right now so I will keep this short.
Yesterday I encountered my first tailing fish. Fish that have their faces buried in the soft bottom of a flat rooting around for some little critter that is trying to avoid fullfillng their place in the food chain. When I see tails I get pretty excited. Just to be able to watch a fish in such shallow H2O root around is something that I think everyone should see. Also I am learning that if you can find tailers and get a cast at them you can pretty much drop it in on top of them. Of course a delicate presentation is still needed.Also something I am working on.
I am working on my technique everyday. I like the challenge of chasing bones. I have to say that catching a few has bolstered my spirits. I keep finding myself smiling at the fact that after all of the time on the ice thinking of flats fishing I am finally doing it.
O.K. time for bed. Maybe one more beer too.