Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nothing but frozen H2O around here.

Well we made it back to the bottom of the world. I wish that I could tell you I was able to fish while I was in transit to Antarctica. Not the case. Late winter early spring in the land of the Kiwi. I am back at work as of two days ago. My time off the ice went quickly once I left the Bahamas and the Keys. I fished a few days out west before heading back to help out with some family issues. All is good on that front now. Felt fortunate to be able to help out and spend some time with the family.
Now back to work. Going to spend the next 6 months hanging from towers cussing the cold and wondering how I ended up down here. Not sure when I will get in the warm salt H2O again. I will devise a plan in the coming months. Ah the coming months. Sweet relief aint so close right now. I will no doubt end up on a tower thinking back to my time in shorts on a flat looking for bones. I will use the memories in an attempt to warm up my numb fingers and stave off the impulse to quit my job and go somewhere warm.
Make a cast for me.