Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too far south to fish.

Here we are again in McMurdo Station Antarctica. I have been here for a couple of months and still have a few more before I am back on the H20.
Things down here are going along just fine. I have been to West Antarctica for a week. Almost spent Thanksgiving out on the flat white but we made it back to the big city in time for the two day weekend.
Other than that all is normal down here. I have been out quite a few times via helicopter to our 'local" communication sites.
I am scheduled to leave on Friday to fly out approximately 100 miles to inspect a tower we built a few years ago. This trip should just be a day trip
I just realized it is 12-12-12!!! I am not sure what that means but I like it. Actually for most of my friends back in the states today is only the 11th. Anyway.
I just thought I should write a little something so that my blog is not shut down and wiped away into the ethos called the internet.

Here us a photo of the view from the top of a 30ft tower we built last week. A few 1000 years and some more global warming and we can turn all of this pesky ice into warm water and we can set up a fishing lodge in Antarctica.

Monday, April 30, 2012

What Migration???

Hello again, Been awhile since my last stab at blogging.
I am in Key West and have been for a little over a month.  I have been very busy getting things in order to start a charter operation. I have taken the USCG test and passed. I now have my Captains License!!! Very pleased with the outcome of that part of the process. When I first started this trip a couple of years ago I thought that getting my "ticket" would be the most difficult part of this process. That alone was not the hardest part of all of this. Actually I will say that is caused me the most stress. The remaining things involving the state,city and county along with insurance, along with finding a spot to pick up customers were also a bit of work. As of today it looks like I am all set. I even have a trip that is supposed to happen tomorrow. I am nervous and excited about it.
I have all of my gear and am ready to fish. One problem. The fishing sucks right now. The Tarpon migration looked to be starting off as it should this time of year. We were catching fish and starting and all was well. The weather has been very very iffy. Lots of wind and more wind followed by rain and more rain. As I write this the wind driven rain is drenching Key West. I am hopeful that the weather improves sooner rather than later. I do not want give the impression that life is not great down here in the Keys. All is well down here. Come on down and see for yourself.
Until next time,Adios.